36th Second District Representative – Bro. J. Kendall “Biggy” Smalls

Brothers of the Mighty 2nd District,

I am honored, humbled and privileged to welcome you to Pittsburgh for the 72nd Annual Second District Conference of our illustrious fraternity. The Brothers of the Iota Phi Chapter and the 7th Corridor have worked diligently and tirelessly to offer you hospitality and friendship well-suited for the “City of Bridges.”

As I traveled through Pittsburgh over the Labor Day Weekend, I noticed that the city has a unique landscape filled with mountains, hills, valleys and rivers. Pittsburghers have no problem with travel because they have tunneled through the mountains and hills, and built many bridges over various terrain to reach desired destinations.

Since 1925, the Brothers of the Iota Phi chapter have taken this same blue-collar work ethic to get things done. They are not afraid of hard work and will build a tunnel through mountains or construct bridges to keep moving and make way for others.

The 72nd Second District Marshal Rahmon Hart and his Conference Team of stalwart Brothers are extending the mailed hand of friendship to each of you with hopes that you will take advantage of the early-bird registration and seize the opportunity to fellowship with members of the Supreme Council, District Council, and Brothers from regions far and nigh. The Pittsburgh Omega families have planned events and activities for you to make the visit to Pittsburgh welcoming and enjoyable for your wives and children.

The Westin Pittsburgh is a top-rated, centrally-located hotel with ample and spacious parking. Connected to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, it is less than a block from the August Wilson African American Cultural Center. The AWC will host many of the conference events.

Please plan for a successful conference. We look forward to sharing your energy, enthusiasm, intellect and love for Omega at the home of the Steel City Ques!

Fraternally Yours!
Bro. J. Kendall “Biggy” Smalls
36th Second District Representative

72nd Second District Marshal – Bro. Dr. Rahmon Hart

Greetings Brothers,

On behalf of the Iota Phi Chapter, I want to welcome you to the City of Pittsburgh for the 72nd Second District Conference.  It is an honor and a privilege to be entrusted with the responsibility of hosting our beloved brothers and their respective family members.

Over the last year, our planning team has been working diligently to ensure that everything is in perfect order.  The Iota Phi Chapter has a long history of providing leadership and service within the City of Pittsburgh that dates back to 1925 when our chapter was founded.  During this planning process, we have collaborated with a network of community leaders and organizations within the Steel City to appropriately roll out the purple and gold carpet.

In addition to taking care of important Omega business, we have some exciting activities planned over the next few days.  There is an opening networking mixer at the Rivers Casino, we will film a public service announcement in support of Domestic Violence Prevention that will broadcast regionally, and we will enjoy a few special events at the world-class August Wilson African American Cultural Center located across the street from the host hotel.

Bro. Dr. Rahmon Hart
10-92-Iota Phi
72nd District Marshal

Host District – Second District of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.


The Second District Conference was founded in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1947 shortly after being transferred from the First District which included Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

When formed the District was composed of five states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  When the newly formed District was transferred there were eleven chapters and in 1973 there were forty-four chapters (twelve undergraduate, three intermediate, and twenty-nine Graduate Chapters).

Iota Phi Chapter are members of the Mighty Second District
and the home of the Steel City Ques.


Welcome Brothers, Family, and Friends!

It is an absolute pleasure and honor to host you for the 72nd Second District Conference! Whatever it is that you need, just call on a brother of Iota Phi and then consider it done. For the brothers of Iota Phi, its All hands on deck and we are here to serve you.




Host Chapter – Iota Phi Chapter Overview

The Iota Phi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. was founded in 1925 in Pittsburgh, PA.  We have enjoyed a unique bond that includes brothers that range from 19 to over 90 years old. Omicron Psi (University of Pittsburgh) was born from the Iota Phi Chapter in 1927 and most undergraduate chapters in Southwestern PA were chartered  through Omicron Psi. This blend of young and old is a characteristic that we proudly embrace.

Our origin connects directly with the African American history of Pittsburgh.The charter members of Iota Phi included prominent businessmen, architects, educators, government officials and athletes. Even during our early years, the Omega footprint exists throughout south western Pennsylvania.

We have consistently maintained a financial membership of close to 100 and remain a thoroughly immersed group of members with a lifelong mission of making a positive contribution to the community. Since our chapter’s inception, we have customized our programs and services in response to the needs of the community.

Iota Phi has fulfilled the FOUR CARDINAL PRINCIPLES of the fraternity, – MANHOOD, SCHOLARSHIP, PERSEVERANCE, and UPLIFT.

For more information on the Iota Phi Chapter, please visit https://www.pittsburghques.org/