35th Second District Representative – Bro. Sherman L. Charles

Brothers of the Mighty Second District!

As the 35th Second District Representative, I am humbled, honored and blessed to welcome you to the registration site of the 70th Annual Second District Conference, of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. The Brothers of Pi Omega Chapter, members of Corridor I, look forward to extending their royal purple arm of hospitality as you prepare to register and visit Downtown Baltimore City in the great state of Maryland.  The host chapter is anxiously awaiting your registration and arrival.

The Downtown Baltimore Hilton and Baltimore Convention Center provide excellent venues for our conference. Please take the opportunity to fellowship with members from the Supreme Council, the 2nd District Council, the 2nd District, and members from other Districts. This is an extremely exciting and challenging time for our fraternity and our families. Baltimore City is a top notch attraction and recreation opportunity for members of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Omega Wives, their families and our friends. The 70th Second District Marshal, Bro. J. Michael Breeden, and his Conference Team have been working hard to plan and execute an outstanding conference. Thanks for registering and by conference end, we will have completed Omega’s business and carved out time for friendship, fellowship, and recreation. Please take advantage of the services we offer and enjoy the attractions. Again, welcome to the 70th Second District Conference, Corridor I, and Baltimore City!

Fraternally Yours!

Sherman L. Charles
Spr. 78, LM#2143
35th Second District Representative

70th Second District Marshal – Bro. J. Michael Breeden

Brothers of the Mighty 2nd District,

Pi Omega Chapter, “Charm City Ques” are pleased, honored and ready to host you at the 70th Second District Conference in Baltimore City, April 26th through 29th,  2018 at the Downtown Inner Harbor Hilton and Convention Center.

On behalf of our 35th Second District Representative, Bro. Sherman Charles, we extend a Royal Purple and Old Gold greetings and welcome you as we prepare for the business of Omega.

The 70th District Conference Planning Committee will bring to you an all inclusive packet of Conference business, Civic and Service events, Hospitality and Social Activities in the true Omega Spirit.  The web-page will continue to build out the information and representation of the many Conference events and Baltimore destinations we have to offer.

I participated in a survey at the Conclave in Philadelphia in 2014, and received a button that said, “I Made Omega Better.”  Brothers, what a powerful affirmation of how all of our Omega work days should begin and end.   Individually, collectively and most importantly, Brotherly, I invite the Men of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. to attend the 70th Second District Conference with this goal in mind, and to leave with this same affirmation and sense of accomplishment.  F.I.E.T.T.S.,

As you make plans for the District Conference and to visit Baltimore “Charm City” feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions/concerns/comments. Pi Omega Chapter is Here to Serve!

Bro. J. Michael Breeden
2nd District Marshal 2018
10-’76-Beta Kappa – LM#7876
(443) 478-3387

Pi Omega Then, Pi Omega Now, Pi Omega Forever – Celebrating 100 years in 2021

Host District – Second District of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

The Mighty Second District of the Omega Psi Fraternity, Inc. is comprised of five States — New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. The Second District has over two thousand members who dedicate their lives to “service” for the communities to which we live and work.

The Second District Conference, was founded in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1947 shortly after being transferred from the First District which included Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

When formed the District was composed of five states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. When the newly formed District was transferred there were eleven chapters and in 1973 there were forty-four chapters (twelve undergraduate, three Intermediate, and twenty-nine Graduate Chapters).

During the period of 25 years since its transfer changing times and with the growth of Chapters, our distinguished Omega Men in the District assumed competence and proper in all the basic fields of endeavor. Many of the brothers grew in strength and wisdom and it produced growth in the various communities and the Second District became a stronger organization.

For more information on The Mighty Second District, please visit http://www.opp2d.org

Host Chapter – Pi Omega Chapter (Baltimore, Maryland)

Pi Omega Chapter is the Pearl of the Second District and the home of the Charm City Ques. It is an absolute pleasure and honor to host you for the 70th Second District Conference! Whatever it is that you need, just call on a brother of Pi Omega and then consider it done. For the brothers of Pi Omega, its All hands on deck and we are here to serve you.

Welcome Brothers, Family, and Friends!

Pi Omega Chapter History

Following the founding of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity on the campus of Howard University in 1911, and the founding of Chapters on various other campuses, there was a concern on the part of Brothers to continue the fellowship they developed as undergraduate members, and felt they, as an organization could make positive contributions to their communities. In 1920, members of the fraternity founded the first two graduate chapters in other communities, and in 1921 the late Brother Linwood G. Koger, a local attorney who was initiated as an Omega Man into Alpha Chapter at Howard University in 1921, saw a need for a graduate chapter in the Baltimore community. He, with Brothers George W. Evans, Steward Davis, William T. Carr, Harry F. Pratt, John Hurst and R. Garland Chissell received the charter for Pi Omega Chapter. Soon after, Brothers Edward N. Wilson and James H. Carter were initiated into the Brotherhood.

From the beginning, Pi Omega Chapter has been instrumental in sponsoring programs that foster achievement, scholarship, community action, and the search for talent. Over the years, it has contributed to various organizations, programs, and schools which serve as valuable resources to the Baltimore community.

In 1923, the Brothers of Pi Omega Chapter lent its support in the founding of an undergraduate Chapter, Pi Chapter, on the campus of the then Morgan College.

In 1983, Chapter members had the vision of establishing a firmer base in the Baltimore community when they purchased a structure and identified it as the Omega Center, a site for not only their fraternity activities but a place that could be available to the community.

As educators, religious leaders, attorneys, businessmen, politicians, government officials, physicians, dentists, social and physical scientists, engineers, military men, artists, writers and entertainers, Pi Omega has fulfilled the FOUR CARDINAL PRINCIPLES of the fraternity, – MANHOOD, SCHOLARSHIP, PERSEVERANCE, and UPLIFT.

For more information on Pi Omega Chapter, please visit http://piomega.org